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About Lisa Barrett - LPC, ATR, Artist, Author, Speaker

Lisa is a Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with a successful private practice in CT.  She has taught art classes for over 20 years and was a commissioned designer/artist for both commercial and residential.  Lisa is a successful speaker with topics ranging from self-empowerment to parenting/coaching skills.  Lisa has been featured in local newspapers and has launched into podcasting to help heal a broader audience.  Lisa published her first book:

Laughter, Wisdom and Innocence, Surprising Quotes from Children

What I Do

Expressive Workshops & Events
Expressive Workshops & Events
Touched by Art offers engaging, informative workshops and events which are fun and interactive. Join us to enhance your skills, network with like-minded individuals and be inspired.
Have you ever heard a kid say something so unexpected that you didn’t quite know how to respond? There’s nothing quite like the unfiltered expressions of childish wisdom and observation to make you stop in your tracks, shake your head, and try not to laugh out loud.
Blogs <br /> News & Press
News & Press
Enjoy the thought provoking and inspiring words on topics ranging from parenting and educator information, self-empowerment, art therapy and holistic integration.
Parent/Educator Workshops
Parent/Educator Workshops
Lisa combines her clinical, and holistic knowledge, and experience offering engaging and informative workshops that will inspire and transform the way you think. The focus is on self-empowerment and providing simple tools to utilize in all areas of your life.
Earth Runners
Earth Runners
We are health conscious people who are also supporters of Mother Earth. Every magnet purchased Earth Runners will then donate $5.00 of your purchase to 8 Billion Trees and will plant 2 trees per purchase.

Listen to in-depth discussions and interviews from Lisa on inspiring, informative, and uplifting topics. They are sure to provide new and simple techniques that can easily be integrated into daily life. The practical applications can be utilized in all environments such as work and home. 


Even though the field of psychotherapy is filled with talented professionals, it's not hard to see those who easily stand out from the rest. Lisa Barrett is one of those individuals who easily demonstrates the unique abilities of true empathic listening and comprehension of what holds her clients back, helping them heal from past trauma and enabling them to move forward. I invited Lisa to join me on my podcast, and as I predicted, she turned out to be a wonderful cohost, ready to dissect relational issues and offer real-world strategies for adults who live or work with challenging children. I will invite her back for more episodes in the future.
Lisa is a warm and caring therapist who is able to help both children and adults with their therapy needs. She's also an author of a wonderful book that emphasizes the importance of laughter in healing.
Our Women on Wheels cycling group had the privilege of a presentation on 'Athletes Guide to Body, Mind, and Spirit Integration.' Lisa's insightful approach made complex topics easily accessible to everyone. She shared practical skills for daily integration and created an environment where members felt comfortable asking questions. Her timely communication and organization were commendable. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement!

Touched By Art offers the following services

  • Speaker (Parents, Educators, Corporate Wellness, Holistic Programs)

  • Blogger/Podcaster
  • Expressive Arts Workshops

  • Custom Fine Art

  • Group Art Lessons
  • Murals - commerical and residential

Touched By Art

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